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Inspired by his many trips back to his family's homeland of Jamaica, Jerk Me Crazy owner, head chef and foodie, Clayton Hines, fell in love with the bold spices, beautiful colours and local flavours. Spending time with his family, Clayton's uncle handed down to him his family's own jerk recipe, passed down through the generations. Wanting to learn all he could about the signature jerk flavour, Clayton spent time researching the origins of the taste we have all come to know and love. Fascinated by the origins of this iconic flavour, he studied the rich history of jerk spices.



Originating with the Garib and Arawak natives, they discovered they could preserve their meats by slow-cook ing them with various spices and citrus. The meat was then seasoned with hot peppers and slowly cooked over smoke, a process credited to the Maroons. Once cooked the meat was stuffed with herbs and peppers, wrapped in leaves, and placed alongside slow burning pimento wood in a pit. Today the word jerk is used in seasoning and cooking, and is commonly found in both dry rubs and wet marinades . Each form has a unique flavour, rich in traditional spices with a deep colour. Many recipes are still made in the authentic Jamaican way, with pimento wood sticks,
leaves and berries.